Valéau NMR Resonator (VMR-1032)

Valuea Health NMR Resonator

“Revolutionized the Whole House Filtration”

The design of Valéau NMR Resonator (VMR-1032) Whole-House Filtration System includes a Japan Technology long-life resonator element. These features give the VMR-1032 the capacity to produce the natural low resonant kinetic energy and small mass water molecules for an excellent carrier of nutrition and minerals through water as well as anti-rust and anti-scale which would prolong the life span of piping from premature clogging.

Simultaneously, the Valéau VMR-1032 filter traps dirt, rust and other fine impurities which give water a cloudy, hazy and distasteful appearance. Water filtered by Valéau VMR-1032 is sparkling clear, clean, healthier and crisp tasting. It’s simple, trouble free and highly effective.