“Alkaline Mineral Water – a source to balanced health!”

With our more than 18 years of research and expertise, Valéau Alcali Mineral Activateur is crafted with the most advanced technology to turn ordinary tap water into clean, alkalize and healthy water.  Valéau Alkaline Mineral Water containing natural minerals that satisfies the requirements of good and healthy water desired by our body and strengthens natural healing power of the human body.

By combining nano technology in the coating of silver (Ag+) ion nano particles onto granular activated carbon block, 99% of waterborne bacteria are eliminated through the filtration process.

Furthermore, top grade imported natural minerals stones are use to mineralize, magnetize and alkalize the water for a healthier alternative to mechanical water. In other words, no electrolysis and no unnatural methods used to produce the alkaline mineral water.
Valéau Alcali Mineral Activateur is certified and tested by the Standards Organizations below

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