The Premium Quality Specification

Filter A Nano Ag+ Aqua-Clear

Consist of Sediment Filter made of 500 ppm NSM Silversol™ coated Polypropylene to purity the water by filtering various oxidized substances such as rust, heavy metals, dirt, sand, mud and other microscopic impurities that are not larger than 10 micron.

Filter B Nano Ag+ Dechlorination Block

Consist of NSM Dechlorination Block coated with 200 ppm NSM Silversol™ for antibacterial and absorption functions, the filter is able to eliminate bacteria, namely E-Coli and Streptococcus and can absorb ethylene dichloride, bleach, pesticide chlorine, odour and enhanced with Bio-ceramic media that help to rejuvenate and revitalize the body system and cells.

Filter C Nano Ag+ Alcali Enhancer

Contain Natural Alcali Media and Bio-Composite ceramic media to produce mineralized alkaline water which helps in detoxifying waste that has accumulated in our body and to promote metabolism with pH 8.0 – pH 9.0.

Filter D Nano Ag+ Sterilization Block

Consist of NSM Sterilization Block coated with 200 ppm NSM Silversol™ for antibacterial and absorption functions. This filter has the ability to eliminate bacteria, namely E-Coli, Coliform and Streptococcus and can absorb ethylene dichloride, bleach, pesticide, chlorine, odour and haloform.

Filter E Alcalino™

Consist Nano Technology Super Composite Media to enhance the alkalinity to a pH 9.0 – pH 10.0 for alkalizing the body and provides an effective antioxidant effects for removing oxidation from the cell wall and allows for better hydration, and cell metabolism and overall cell health.

Choose ONLY Valéau Premium Quality Replacement Cartridge

Filter cartridges are not necessarily universal. While a non-certified cartridge may look similar in size and even appear to fit inside Valéau Alcali Mineral Activateur, even the smallest size difference could allow water to go around the cartridge rather than through it.

On Quality, non-certified filter cartridges will not be of the same quality as our Premium Quality filter cartridges and patented filter cartridge like Alcalino.  This could result in the water not being filtered effectively or the possible introduction of impurities into the water from materials that were never verified to be acceptable for drinking..

To ensure your Valéau Alcali Mineral Activateur is performing effectively, use only the original replacement cartridge and change your filter at the recommended interval.

Valéau Alcali Mineral Activateur is certified and tested by the Standards Organizations below

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