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Water Should Be Clean

Living in the 21st century, natural water is a rarity today due to industrial contamination, woodland loss and the need for centralized water storage and water treatment plants. In addition, the city water may be polluted with contaminants such as rust and corrosive scales in the delivery systems from water treatment plants to our home. Our drinking water should be free of such contamination.  Many health experts are now recommending that our drinking water be filtered with a high quality filtration system.

Water Should Be Rich In Minerals

Clean water may be 'dead water' if it devoid of the minerals that natural spring water possesses such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. These minerals play significant roles in our body and are essentials for our well-being. Due to our modern water reticulation systems, our body may be deprived from such minerals that used to be found in our spring water. In this respect, Valéau Alcali Mineral Activateur contains natural mineral stones to release some of these essential minerals back into our drinking water.

Water Must Be Alkaline

Blood in our body is alkaline with pH 7.35 – pH 7.45. Nonetheless, the blood may get acidified, if we take an excessive amount of animal protein or fat, and stress from work add to this acidity. Over prolonged period of time, our blood stream tends to be imbalanced with higher acidity thus subjecting our bodies to possible diseases and rapid aging. Hence, there is a need to balance the acidity in our bodies by drinking Valéau Alkaline Mineral Water to balance our acidified blood to the alkaline state in our body.

Water Must Be Capable Of Removing Free Radical (Active Oxygen)

Essential to life, normal oxygen may generate into active oxygen, also known as free radical. About 2% of oxygen that we breathe in may become active oxygen in our body, causing all kind of illness. Valéau Alkaline Mineral Water is highly efficient antioxidant. If water with the antioxidant capacity continuously circulates in our body, it will remove the unnecessary active oxygen as soon as it is produced and eliminate toxic substances from the bloodstream, thus enhancing overall vitality.

Water Functions in Human Body

Water is essential for the human body to function. By weight, the average human is approximately 65% water.  However, there can be considerable variation in body water percentage based on a number of factors like age, health, weight, and gender.  Water form the basis of blood, bones, tissues and urine and perspiration.

- To regulate body temperature

Water helps regulate everything in our bodies and it regulates our body temperature through sweating.  Water allows the body to release heat when ambient temperature is higher than body temperature. The body begins to sweat, and the evaporation of water from the skin surface very efficiently cools the body.

- To eliminate waste from body

Water helps eliminate the byproducts or waste of the body’s metabolism, toxins that the organs’ cells reject, and removes them through urines and faeces.  If our body is functioning on too little water or dehydration, the kidneys can't pull out toxins properly, which will eventually make us sick.

- To maintain cell health

Water helps maintain the health and integrity of every cell in the body by distributing oxygen and essential nutrients to cells, such as minerals, vitamins and glucose.

- To lubricate and cushion joints

Water is an effective lubricant around joints. It also acts as a shock absorber for our eyes, brain, spinal cord and even for the foetus through amniotic fluid.  If those joints aren’t properly lubricated, they’re going to ache, and eventually the joints will get worn down to where they simply won’t function properly. If we suffer from joint pain, make sure that we’re drinking enough clean water regularly.

- To helps with digestion

One of the biggest parts of our saliva is water. Saliva helps break down the food enough to ensure that our stomach is able to continue the digestion process. In addition to this, water helps with the digestion process in other ways, such as ensuring that waste is processed through the body correctly. Thus, dehydration will cause constipation.
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